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gypsy camp countryside
Gypsy camp in the countryside
politicians/joseph stalin portrait soviet
Joseph Stalin portrait Soviet
fallas san jose valencia 1950 poster
Fallas de San Jose, Valencia, 1950 - poster
battle quatre bras
Battle of Quatre Bras
al fresco toilette 1889 oil canvas
An Al Fresco Toilette, 1889 (oil on canvas)
map showing empire alexander great
Map showing the empire of Alexander the Great
lindt bunny
Lindt Bunny
ramm/portrait african c1757 60 oil canvas
Portrait of an African, c.1757-60 (oil on canvas)
chatsworth/georgiana cynthia spensers faerie queene
Georgiana as Cynthia from Spenser's 'Faerie Queene', 1781-82 (oil on canvas)
map showing roman empire largest
Map showing the Roman empire at its largest
climax aubrey beardsleys illustration
The Climax - Aubrey Beardsley's illustration for 'Salome' by Oscar Wilde
politicians/sir winston churchill
Sir Winston Churchill
ill met moonlight film poster
Ill Met by Moonlight - film poster
joseph stalin portrait soviet leader shostakovich
Joseph Stalin portrait. Soviet Leader. Shostakovich & Prokofiev link. Russia
guys hospital
Guy's Hospital
mary magdalene speaks risen jesus bible
Mary Magdalene speaks to the risen Jesus - Bible
chatsworth/apostles st peter 1518 20 chalk paper
The Twelve Apostles: St. Peter, 1518-20 (chalk on paper)
chatsworth/ring ouzel mer ulatorquata hand coloured
Ring Ouzel (Mer Ulatorquata) (hand-coloured litho)
chatsworth/west chatsworth house w c paper
The West Front of Chatsworth House (w/c on paper)
chatsworth/statue vestal virgin marble
Statue of a Vestal Virgin (marble)
chatsworth/violin bow hanging door oil canvas laid
Violin and bow hanging on a door (oil on canvas laid on wood panel)
chatsworth/portrait blanche georgiana howard countess burlington
Portrait of Blanche Georgiana Howard, Countess of Burlington, 1841-42 (oil on canvas)
ramm/fair toxophilites 1872
The Fair Toxophilites, 1872
nativity scene bible
Nativity scene - Bible
cities places/rheingold
In the ' Rheingold
authors/anton chekhov actors
Anton Chekhov with actors
bristolgalleries/amida falls far reaches kisokaid road kisoji
The Amida Falls in the Far Reaches of the Kisokaid? Road (Kisoji no oku Amida-ga-taki)
bristolgalleries/artists dream
The Artist's Dream
ramm/ship line off plymouth 1817 oil canvas
A Ship of the Line off Plymouth, 1817 (oil on canvas)
ramm/roof tile shape human face ad 55 65 ceramic
Roof tile in the shape of a human face, AD 55-65 (ceramic)
william kempe dancing morris
William Kempe dancing the Morris
charles dickens s the adventures oliver twist
Charles Dickens 's 'The Adventures of Oliver Twist' : Oliver asks for more food
the return sherlock holmes sir arthur conan
'The Return of Sherlock Holmes' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - police detective
japanese couple kimonos
Japanese couple in kimonos
art/auguste rodin
Auguste Rodin - The
topographical map depicting london 13th century
Topographical map depicting London in 13th Century. Printed by Walker and Boutall sc
florence nightingale pioneer
Florence Nightingale - Pioneer
robert clive 1st baron
Robert Clive 1st Baron
bible/david goliath
David and Goliath
philosophers/friedrich engels german
Friedrich Engels - German
plays actors/black cape
' The Black Cape
magna carta signed june 1215 document producecd
Magna Carta. Signed June 1215. Document producecd by Barons of King John in order
templar knight horse ready battle
Templar knight on his horse ready for battle
dance/anna pavlova dancing
Anna Pavlova - dancing
ancient history/ancient greek theatre
Ancient Greek theatre
plays actors/peacock skirt
' The Peacock Skirt
art/leonardo da vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
philosophers/arthur schopenhauer bust german
Arthur Schopenhauer bust German
english history/winston churchill portrait
Winston Churchill - portrait
athenaeum club house
Athenaeum Club House
william kempe dancing morris
William Kempe dancing the Morris
47 ronin souemon mototoki hara
47 Ronin - Souemon-Mototoki Hara
map roman kent
Map of Roman Kent
consultation physicians william hogarth 1736
Consultation of Physicians by William Hogarth, 1736. A company of undertakers. Caption reads
lord nelson
Lord Nelson
clark gable signed portrait american film actor
Clark Gable, signed portrait. American film actor
krakow cracow
Krakow / Cracow
ramm/costume study regent street model w c paper
Costume Study, Regent Street model (w/c on paper)
hound baskervilles
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
lincoln college oxford
Lincoln College, Oxford
interior hospital train
Interior of a hospital train
richard iii offered english crown
Richard III being offered the English Crown
christs college cambridge
Christ's College, Cambridge
globe theatre 1613 london
The Globe Theatre 1613, London
elizabeth fry reading bible prisoners newgate
Elizabeth Fry reading the Bible to Prisoners in Newgate
mrs beeton s cookery book cold collation
Mrs Beeton 's cookery book - cold collation dishes
mrs beeton s cookery book game dishes
Mrs Beeton 's cookery book - game dishes
mrs beeton s cookery book cooked fish dishes
Mrs Beeton 's cookery book - cooked fish dishes
sense sensibility
'Sense and Sensibility' by
authors/virginia woolf portrait
Virginia Woolf - portrait
fiction/jane austen s novel
Jane Austen' s novel
plays actors/john salome
' John and Salome
french history/napoleon bonaparte
NAPOLEON Bonaparte
cities places/eastbourne king edwards parade
Eastbourne King Edward's Parade
jesus college oxford
Jesus College, Oxford
milton dictating paradise lost daughters
Milton dictating Paradise Lost to his daughters
james 1st duke monmouth
James 1st Duke of Monmouth
on evening battle waterloo
'On the evening of the Battle of Waterloo'
charles dickens s the old curiosity shop
Charles Dickens 's 'The Old Curiosity Shop' : portrait of Dick Swiveller
charles dickens s novel david copperfield
Charles Dickens 's novel 'David Copperfield' - Peggotty and Little Em'ly
cities places/central london
Central London
ancient history/queen nefertiti egypt portrait bust thutmis
Queen Nefertiti of Egypt - portrait - of bust by Thutmis 1360 BC
plays actors/goethe s faust
Goethe 's ' Faust
french history/napoleon bonaparte silhouette
Napoleon Bonaparte silhouette by
john pym
John Pym
cushendall northern ireland
Cushendall, Northern Ireland
anne queen great britain
Anne Queen of Great Britain
stationers hall
Stationers' Hall
william iii
William III
boudica boadicea
Boudica / Boadicea
religious disputation jews christians
Religious Disputation between Jews and Christians
1940s car ad
1940s Car Advertisment
jewish marriage scene
Jewish marriage scene
world war 2 demonstration field guns caption
World War 2: Demonstration of field guns. Caption: 'Some of the big guns of B
ww2 german soldier flamethrower
WW2 - German soldier with flamethrower
ww2 barrage balloon
WW2 - Barrage Balloon
university college oxford
University College, Oxford
chinese lady bound feet
Chinese lady with bound feet
balliol college oxford
Balliol College, Oxford
sanhedrin convened napoleon 1807 prayer
Sanhedrin convened by Napoleon 1807 - prayer