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ramm/sea cucumbers white chalk paper
Sea Cucumbers (white chalk on paper)
ramm/portrait african c1757 60 oil canvas
Portrait of an African, c.1757-60 (oil on canvas)
ramm/beer cove storm 1922 w c pencil paper
Beer Cove in a Storm, 1922 (w/c & pencil on paper)
ramm/fair toxophilites 1872
The Fair Toxophilites, 1872
ramm/ship line off plymouth 1817 oil canvas
A Ship of the Line off Plymouth, 1817 (oil on canvas)
ramm/roof tile shape human face ad 55 65 ceramic
Roof tile in the shape of a human face, AD 55-65 (ceramic)
ramm/buckfastleigh abbey devonshire w c paper
Buckfastleigh Abbey, Devonshire (w/c on paper)
ramm/cherry woman
The Cherry Woman
ramm/river teign devon
River Teign, Devon
ramm/eucratea chelata scruparia bryozoan moss animal pen
Eucratea Chelata Scruparia: Bryozoan: Moss Animal (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/spadix purpurea hydroid pen ink pencil w c
Spadix Purpurea: Hydroid (pen, ink, pencil & w/c on paper)
ramm/plumularia pinnata hydrozoan pen ink w c
Plumularia Pinnata: Hydrozoan (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/pachygnathus notops mite pen ink wash paper
Pachygnathus Notops: Mite (pen, ink & wash on paper)
ramm/untitled seaslug ink w c bodycolour paper
Untitled: Seaslug (ink, w/c & bodycolour on paper)
ramm/pleurobranchus aureus yellow plumed sea slug ink
Pleurobranchus Aureus: Yellow-Plumed Sea Slug (ink, wash & w/c on paper)
ramm/clavellina perophora listeri tuincate ink
Clavellina (Perophora) Listeri: Tuincate (ink & pencil on paper)
ramm/bellidia huntii shrimp ink w c bodycolour
Bellidia Huntii: Shrimp (ink w/c & bodycolour on paper)
ramm/larva echinoderm pencil paper
Larva Of Echinoderm (pencil on paper)
ramm/uraster rubens common starfish gouache w c
Uraster Rubens: Common Starfish (gouache w/c on paper)
ramm/spicula alcyonium digitatum dead mans fingers
Spicula Of Alcyonium Digitatum: Dead Mans Fingers (pen & ink on paper)
ramm/syllis longiseta marine bristle worm pencil
Syllis Longiseta: Marine Bristle Worm (pencil on paper)
ramm/siphonostoma vestitum gosse marine bristle worm
Siphonostoma Vestitum (Gosse): Marine Bristle Worm (pencil on paper)
ramm/1001 larva annelid aug 1 1854 ink w c
1001. Larva Of Annelid, Aug. 1. 1854 (ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/grantia botryoides sponge pen ink w c paper
Grantia Botryoides: Sponge (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/lithonema callista marine worm ink w c paper
Lithonema Callista: Marine Worm (ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/untitled stalked jellyfish gouache paper
Untitled: Stalked Jellyfish (gouache on paper)
ramm/chrysaora hysoscella ilfracombe 1856 compass
Chrysaora Hysoscella, Ilfracombe, 1856: Compass Jellyfish (pencil & w/c on paper)
ramm/rhizophora tenby 1854 barrel jellyfish w c
Rhizophora, Tenby, 1854: Barrel Jellyfish (w/c & ink on paper)
ramm/cyanea capillata lions mane jellyfish w c
Cyanea Capillata: Lion’'s Mane Jellyfish (w/c on paper)
ramm/pelagia weymouth 1853 pelagia noctiluca jellyfish
Pelagia, Weymouth, 1853: Pelagia Noctiluca: Jellyfish (pencil & w/c on paper)
ramm/thaumantias buskiana gosse jellyfish pen
Thaumantias Buskiana (Gosse): Jellyfish (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/sarcodictyon catenata soft coral pen ink
Sarcodictyon Catenata: Soft Coral (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/cellularia avicularia bryozoan moss animal pen
Cellularia Avicularia: Bryozoan: Moss Animal (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
ramm/plate fish design ceramic
Plate with Fish Design (ceramic)
ramm/anne countess dumfries 1763 oil canvas
Anne, Countess of Dumfries, 1763 (oil on canvas)
ramm/devonshire cup coral pastel paper
Devonshire cup coral (pastel on paper)
ramm/dead mans fingers pastel paper
Dead man's fingers (pastel on paper)
ramm/crustacea pastel paper
Crustacea (pastel on paper)
ramm/crustacea pastel paper
Crustacea (pastel on paper)
ramm/cod worm pastel paper
Cod worm (pastel on paper)
ramm/claws locust mantis shrimp pastel paper
Claws of locust mantis shrimp (pastel on paper)
ramm/barnacle pastel paper
Barnacle (pastel on paper)
ramm/annelid worms pastel paper
Annelid worms (pastel on paper)
ramm/anemones stalked jellyfish pastel paper
Anemones and stalked jellyfish (pastel on paper)
ramm/anemone stinging cells pastel paper
Anemone stinging cells (pastel on paper)
ramm/amoeba pastel paper
Amoeba (pastel on paper)
ramm/alga pastel paper
Alga (pastel on paper)
ramm/tolmen teign c1895 96 w c paper
A Tolmen on the Teign , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
ramm/cranmere pool dartmoor c1895 96 w c paper
Cranmere Pool, Dartmoor , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
ramm/cyclopean bridge post bridge dartmoor c1895 96
Cyclopean Bridge (Post Bridge, Dartmoor) , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
ramm/grimspound dartmoor showing main entrance south
Grimspound, Dartmoor (showing the main entrance from the South) , c
ramm/bowermans nose manaton dartmoor c1895 96
Bowerman’s Nose, Manaton Dartmoor , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
ramm/scene taw stepperton c1895 96 w c paper
Scene on the Taw, Stepperton , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
ramm/sharpitor rocks c1880 oil canvas
Sharpitor Rocks, c.1880 (oil on canvas)
ramm/giant tun shell photo
Giant tun shell (photo)
ramm/river dart totnes dartmouth 1869 oil canvas
On the River Dart between Totnes and Dartmouth, 1869 (oil on canvas)
ramm/okehampton castle 1794 pen ink w c paper
Okehampton Castle, 1794 (pen & ink and w/c on paper)
ramm/stick insect photo
Stick insect (photo)
ramm/hawaiian tree snails linter collection photo
Hawaiian tree snails from the Linter collection (photo)
ramm/oceans mists spray c1900 oil canvas
Oceans, Mists and Spray, c.1900 (oil on canvas)
ramm/tiger shot king george v photo
Tiger shot by King George V (photo)
ramm/giant tun shell photo
Giant tun shell (photo)
ramm/peruvian scallop photo
Peruvian scallop (photo)
ramm/shipping off eddystone c1820 oil canvas
Shipping off the Eddystone, c.1820 (oil on canvas)
ramm/nadderwater near exeter c1825 oil canvas
Nadderwater near Exeter, c.1825 (oil on canvas)
ramm/desert rose gypsum photo
Desert rose (gypsum) (photo)
ramm/coronation day parade exeter 1937 b w photo
Coronation Day parade, Exeter, 1937 (b/w photo)
ramm/lorna doone ilfracombe c1891 96 b w photo
Lorna Doone at Ilfracombe, c.1891-96 (b/w photo)
ramm/peat cutters cart dartmoor b w photo
Peat cutter's cart, Dartmoor (b/w photo)
ramm/roman figure achilles cheiron early 20th century
Roman figure of Achilles and Cheiron, early 20th century (b/w photo)
ramm/cat study number 6 b w photo
Cat Study Number 6 (b/w photo)
ramm/henfield row woman standing doorway photo
Henfield Row, woman standing in a doorway (photo)
ramm/frozen river exe 1917 b w photo
Frozen River Exe, 1917 (b/w photo)
ramm/beached dolphin devon 1908 b w photo
Beached dolphin, Devon, 1908 (b/w photo)
ramm/sunset exeter 1911 b w photo
Sunset, Exeter, 1911 (b/w photo)
ramm/parlour interior early 20th century photo
Parlour interior, early 20th century (photo)
ramm/woman wearing burqa early 20th century b w
Woman wearing a burqa, early 20th century (b/w photo)
ramm/sheep shearing first prize winners devon 1938
Sheep shearing first prize winners, Devon, 1938 (b/w photo)
ramm/australian soldier first world war photo
Australian soldier of the First World War (photo)
ramm/autochrome geka flashlight 1911 autochrome
Autochrome by Geka flashlight, 1911 (autochrome)
ramm/interior royal albert memorial museum early 20th
Interior of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, early 20th century (b/w photo)
ramm/exeter cathedral church england temperance society
Exeter Cathedral, Church of England Temperance Society, Hoopern Street Band of Hope
ramm/way lynton b w photo
On the Way to Lynton (b/w photo)
ramm/sunset exmouth 1911 b w photo
Sunset, Exmouth, 1911 (b/w photo)
ramm/old parish registers damaged damp early 20th century
Old parish registers damaged by damp, early 20th century (b/w photo)
ramm/darkroom artificial light photography photo
In the Darkroom (artificial-light photography) (photo)
ramm/city steam laundry van exeter c1945 50 b w
City Steam Laundry van, Exeter, c.1945-50 (b/w photo)
ramm/castle wall exeter c1860 w c gouache paper
On the Castle Wall, Exeter, c.1860 (w/c & gouache on paper)
ramm/fossil icthyosaur collected f w l ross photo
Fossil Icthyosaur collected by F. W. L. Ross (photo)
ramm/plymouth oil canvas
Plymouth (oil on canvas)
ramm/plymouth harbour shipping oil canvas
Plymouth Harbour with shipping (oil on canvas)
ramm/scroll kakemono depicting figure horseback mt
Scroll (kakemono) depicting a figure on horseback with Mt. Fuji in the background
ramm/dartmouth st petrox churchyard 1852 oil canvas
Dartmouth from St. Petrox Churchyard, 1852 (oil on canvas)
ramm/west exeter cathedral c1860 oil canvas
The West Front of Exeter Cathedral, c.1860 (oil on canvas)
ramm/marble cone photo
Marble cone (photo)
ramm/texas horned lizard photo
Texas horned lizard (photo)
ramm/peacock butterflies photo
Peacock butterflies (photo)
ramm/tortoiseshell butterflies photo
Tortoiseshell butterflies (photo)
ramm/swallowtail butterflies photo
Swallowtail butterflies (photo)


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