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#media dmcs-18351689
ramm/gloriosa superba linn 1800 10 w c paper
Gloriosa Superba Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351687
ramm/marine worms aphrodite phyllodoce chalk paper
Marine Worms (Aphrodite And Phyllodoce) (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351685
ramm/palinyra tree 1800 10 w c paper
Palinyra Tree, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351683
ramm/eugenia jambos linn 1800 10 w c paper
Eugenia Jambos Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351681
ramm/annelida segmented worms chalk paper
Annelida: Segmented Worms (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351679
ramm/tamarix dioica roxb 1800 10 w c paper
Tamarix Dioica Roxb, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351677
ramm/neriumodorium soland 1800 10 w c paper
Neriumodorium Soland, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351675
ramm/phyllodoce viridis paper collage paper
Phyllodoce Viridis (paper collage on paper)
#media dmcs-18351673
#media dmcs-18351671
ramm/chrozophora rottleri klotzsch 1800 10 w c
Chrozophora Rottleri Klotzsch, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351669
ramm/terebella marine worm chalk paper
Terebella: Marine Worm (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351667
ramm/sida acuta burm 1800 10 w c paper
Sida Acuta Burm, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351665
ramm/zinziber zerumbet rose 1800 10 w c paper
Zinziber Zerumbet Rose, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351663
ramm/marine worms serpula paper collage paper
Marine Worms: Serpula (paper collage on paper)
#media dmcs-18351661
ramm/ecbolium viride farsk alston 1800 10
Ecbolium Viride (Farsk) Alston, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351659
ramm/acacia suma kuz 1800 10 w c paper
Acacia Suma Kuz, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351657
ramm/untitled white chalk paper
Untitled (white chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351655
ramm/caesalpinia jayabo maza 1800 10 w c paper
Caesalpinia Jayabo Maza, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351653
ramm/colocasia antiquoturn schott 1800 10 w c paper
Colocasia Antiquoturn Schott, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351651
ramm/bivalve molluscs chalk white gouache paper
Bivalve Molluscs (chalk & white gouache on paper)
#media dmcs-18351649
ramm/costus specrosa j sm 1800 10 w c paper
Costus Specrosa J Sm, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351647
ramm/young martyr oil canvas
The Young Martyr (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18351645
ramm/leech paper collage paper
Leech (paper collage on paper)
#media dmcs-18351643
ramm/plumeria acutifolia poir 1800 10 w c paper
Plumeria Acutifolia Poir, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351641
ramm/exeter custom house quay 1831 pencil paper
Exeter Custom House and Quay, 1831 (pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18351639
ramm/portugese man of war by the wind sailor
Portugese-Man-Of-War: By-The-Wind-Sailor: Jellyfish (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351637
ramm/clitoria ternatea linn 1800 10 w c paper
Clitoria Ternatea Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351635
ramm/exeter 1831 pencil paper
Exeter, 1831 (pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18351633
ramm/jellyfish chalk white chalk paper
Jellyfish (chalk & white chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351631
ramm/lawsonia spinosa 1880 1900 w c paper
Lawsonia spinosa, 1880-1900 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351629
ramm/engine bridge exeter c1831 pencil paper
Engine Bridge, Exeter, c.1831 (pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18351627
ramm/cyanea capillata lions mane jellyfish
Cyanea Capillata: Lion's Mane Jellyfish (white chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351625
ramm/moringa oleifera lam 1800 10 w c paper
Moringa Oleifera Lam, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351623
ramm/exeter 1810 65 w c paper
Exeter, 1810-65 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351621
ramm/jellyfish white chalk paper
Jellyfish (white chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351619
ramm/nelumbium speciosum willd 1800 10 w c paper
Nelumbium Speciosum Willd, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351617
ramm/stream pynes exeter water company works
Mill Stream at Pynes - Exeter Water Company Works, 1862 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18351615
ramm/hydrozoan chalk paper
Hydrozoan (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351613
ramm/acanthus illicifolius linn 1800 10 w c paper
Acanthus Illicifolius Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351611
ramm/near friars walk exeter 1808 pen ink
Near the Friars' Walk, Exeter, 1808 (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351609
ramm/hydrozoan yellow white chalk paper
Hydrozoan (yellow & white chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351607
ramm/capparis zeylanica linn 1800 10 w c paper
Capparis Zeylanica Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351605
ramm/exeter quay gate west gate outside city walls
Exeter: between the Quay Gate and West Gate Outside the City Walls, 1791 (pen & brown
#media dmcs-18351603
ramm/glass crabs white blue green chalk paper
Glass Crabs (white, blue & green chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351601
ramm/tamarindus indica linn 1800 10 w c paper
Tamarindus Indica Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351599
ramm/exeter seen river 1816 w c paper
Exeter as seen from the River, 1816 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351597
ramm/rosy feather star chalk paper
Rosy Feather Star (chalk on paper)
#media dmcs-18351595
ramm/nymphaea lotus linn 1800 10 w c paper
Nymphaea Lotus Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18351593


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