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A collection of RAMM images

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ramm/swallowtail butterflies photo
Swallowtail butterflies (photo)
#media dmcs-18352384
ramm/green swallowtail butterflies photo
Green Swallowtail butterflies (photo)
#media dmcs-18352382
ramm/blue butterflies photo
Blue butterflies (photo)
#media dmcs-18352380
ramm/tide low maer rocks exmouth c1870 oil
When the Tide is Low - Maer Rocks, Exmouth, c.1870 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352378
ramm/great blue turaco photo
Great Blue Turaco (photo)
#media dmcs-18352376
ramm/great blue turaco photo
Great Blue Turaco (photo)
#media dmcs-18352374
ramm/llyn nantlle north wales c1777 oil canvas
Llyn Nantlle, North Wales, c.1777 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352372
ramm/great bustard photo
Great Bustard (photo)
#media dmcs-18352370
ramm/queen alexandras birdwing butterfly photo
Queen Alexandra's birdwing butterfly (photo)
#media dmcs-18352368
ramm/abalone shells photo
Abalone shells (photo)
#media dmcs-18352366
ramm/strawberry shells photo
Strawberry top shells (photo)
#media dmcs-18352364
ramm/dawn cowrie photo
Dawn cowrie (photo)
#media dmcs-18352362
ramm/view inya lake yangon 1940s w c paper
View of Inya Lake, Yangon, 1940s (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352360
ramm/star limpets photo
Star limpets (photo)
#media dmcs-18352358
ramm/scallops photo
Scallops (photo)
#media dmcs-18352356
ramm/heart cockles photo
Heart cockles (photo)
#media dmcs-18352354
ramm/heart cockles photo
Heart cockles (photo)
#media dmcs-18352352
ramm/heart cockle photo
Heart cockle (photo)
#media dmcs-18352350
ramm/patachitra depicting hindu monkey god hanuman
Patachitra depicting the Hindu monkey god Hanuman in a scene from the Ramayana epic
#media dmcs-18352348
ramm/patachitra depicting jagannath orissa mid 20th century
Patachitra depicting Jagannath, Orissa, mid 20th century (painted textile)
#media dmcs-18352346
ramm/patachitra depicting krishna gopis rasa dance
Patachitra depicting Krishna with gopis in the rasa dance, Orissa, mid 20th century
#media dmcs-18352344
ramm/queen victorias birdwing butterfly photo
Queen Victoria's birdwing butterfly (photo)
#media dmcs-18352342
ramm/philippine land snails linter collection photo
Philippine land snails from the Linter collection (photo)
#media dmcs-18352340
ramm/family ox cart 1993 pen ink paper
Family with their ox-cart, 1993 (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352338
ramm/green birdwing butterfly photo
Green birdwing butterfly (photo)
#media dmcs-18352336
ramm/trumpet triton shell photo
Trumpet triton shell (photo)
#media dmcs-18352334
ramm/kumara hindu god war alabaster
Kumara, Hindu god of war (alabaster)
#media dmcs-18352332
ramm/westerwald pottery ceramic
Westerwald Pottery (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352330
ramm/menhir near merivale bridge c1895 96
Menhir near Merivale Bridge , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352328
ramm/okehampton castle c1895 96 w c paper
Okehampton Castle , c.1895-96 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352326
ramm/roman building materials c60 65 ceramic
Roman building materials, c.60-65 (ceramic, glass & stone)
#media dmcs-18352324
ramm/neolithic stone axes 4000 2200 bc stone
Neolithic stone axes, 4000-2200 BC (stone)
#media dmcs-18352322
ramm/medieval pottery ceramic
Medieval pottery (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352320
ramm/london delftware pottery tin glazed earthenware
London Delftware pottery (tin-glazed earthenware)
#media dmcs-18352318
ramm/kohl pots alabaster
Kohl Pots (alabaster)
#media dmcs-18352316
ramm/corinthian helmet 650 500 bc copper alloy
Corinthian Helmet, 650-500 BC (copper alloy)
#media dmcs-18352314
ramm/bronze age burial goods 2600 1600 bc stone
Bronze Age burial goods, 2600-1600 BC (stone, ceramic & bronze)
#media dmcs-18352312
ramm/bucket 1807 94 leather metal paint
Fire Bucket, 1807-94 (leather, metal & paint)
#media dmcs-18352310
ramm/plumbago zeylanica linn 1800 10 w c paper
Plumbago Zeylanica Linn, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352308
ramm/indian macaroni lady 1800 10 w c paper
An Indian Macaroni Lady, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352306
ramm/palanquin 1800 10 w c paper
Palanquin, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352304
ramm/hookah 1800 10 w c paper
A Hookah, 1800-10 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352302
#media dmcs-18352300
#media dmcs-18352298
The Stick Fire
#media dmcs-18352294
ramm/garden seat
The Garden Seat
#media dmcs-18352292
In the Channel
#media dmcs-18352290
ramm/west front exeter cathedral
West Front, Exeter Cathedral
#media dmcs-18352288
ramm/life flowers vase 1713 oil canvas
Still Life of Flowers in a Vase, 1713 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352286


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