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ramm/portrait alexander pope 1688 1744 english poet
Portrait of Alexander Pope (1688-1744) English poet (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352284
ramm/view exmouth beacon walls
View of Exmouth from the Beacon Walls
#media dmcs-18352282
ramm/primrose robin
Primrose and Robin
#media dmcs-18352280
ramm/golden vale
The Golden Vale
#media dmcs-18352278
ramm/cartonnage case shepenmut priestess thebes
Cartonnage case of Shepenmut, Priestess of Thebes, Third Intermediate Period, c.900 BC
#media dmcs-18352276
ramm/coffin shepenmut priestess thebes intermediate period
Coffin of Shepenmut, Priestess of Thebes, Third Intermediate Period, c
#media dmcs-18352274
ramm/tonga club
Tonga club
#media dmcs-18352272
ramm/collection wine bottles glass
Collection of wine bottles (glass)
#media dmcs-18352270
ramm/syngnathus lumbriciformis pipefish w c
Syngnathus Lumbriciformis: Pipefish (w/c & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352268
ramm/lithonema marine worm pen ink w c paper
Lithonema: Marine Worm (pen, ink & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352266
ramm/pedicellina belgica pen ink paper
Pedicellina Belgica (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352264
ramm/plumularia pinnata hydroid pen ink paper
Plumularia Pinnata: Hydroid (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352262
ramm/campanularia volubilis hydrozoan pen
Campanularia Volubilis: Hydrozoan (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352260
ramm/hancockia eudactylota sea slug ink w c paper
Hancockia Eudactylota: Sea Slug (ink & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352258
ramm/siphon pholas piddock ink wash w c pencil
Siphon Of Pholas: Piddock (ink, wash w/c & pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18352256
ramm/cardium exiguum angled cockle black gouache
Cardium Exiguum: Angled Cockle (black gouache bodycolour on paper)
#media dmcs-18352254
ramm/builder animacules pencil ink wash paper
Builder Animacules (pencil, ink & wash on paper)
#media dmcs-18352252
ramm/bellidia huntii shrimp ink w c bodycolour
Bellidia Huntii: Shrimp (ink, w/c & bodycolour on paper)
#media dmcs-18352250
ramm/untitled urchin gouache paper
Untitled: Urchin (gouache on paper)
#media dmcs-18352248
ramm/crossostoma midas marine bristle worm pencil
Crossostoma Midas: Marine Bristle Worm (pencil & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352246
ramm/untitled marine bristle worm w c paper
Untitled: Marine Bristle Worm (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352244
ramm/crithida thalassina marine worm ink w c
Crithida Thalassina: Marine Worm (ink & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352242
ramm/cydippe sea gooseberry ink wash paper
Cydippe: Sea Gooseberry (ink & wash on paper)
#media dmcs-18352240
ramm/aequorea forbesiana jellyfish 1852 w c paper
Aequorea Forbesiana: Jellyfish, 1852 (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352238
ramm/pelagia young weymouth 1843 pelagia noctiluca
Pelagia (Young), Weymouth, 1843: Pelagia Noctiluca: Jellyfish (pencil & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352236
ramm/turris neglecta hydrozoan pencil w c paper
Turris Neglecta: Hydrozoan (pencil & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352234
ramm/laomedea geniculata hydrozoan pen ink
Laomedea Geniculata: Hydrozoan (pen, ink & pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18352232
ramm/willsia stellata jellyfish pen ink paper
Willsia Stellata: Jellyfish (pen & ink on paper)
#media dmcs-18352230
ramm/saphenia titania jellyfish ink w c paper
Saphenia Titania: Jellyfish (ink & w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352228
ramm/figurine mouse ad 75 80 copper alloy
Figurine of a Mouse, AD 75-80 (copper alloy)
#media dmcs-18352226
ramm/statue fragment roman man ad 60 100 marble
Statue fragment of a Roman man, AD 60-100 (marble)
#media dmcs-18352224
ramm/mosaic fragment ad 60 stone ceramic mortar
Mosaic Fragment, AD 60 (stone, ceramic & mortar)
#media dmcs-18352222
ramm/bellarmine jug 1500 1750 stoneware
Bellarmine Jug, 1500-1750 (stoneware)
#media dmcs-18352218
ramm/cooking pot 1066 1200 ceramic
Cooking Pot, 1066-1200 (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352216
ramm/westerwald drinking jug 1600 20 ceramic
Westerwald Drinking Jug, 1600-20 (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352214
ramm/baluster jug 1350 1450 earthenware
Baluster Jug, 1350-1450 (earthenware)
#media dmcs-18352212
ramm/delftware bowl 1620 40 tin glazed earthenware
Delftware bowl, 1620-40 (tin-glazed earthenware)
#media dmcs-18352210
ramm/bowl c100 bc ad 50 ceramic
Bowl, c.100 BC-AD 50 (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352208
ramm/tankard c1500 1750 westerwald stoneware
Tankard, c.1500-1750 (westerwald stoneware)
#media dmcs-18352206
ramm/carrot amphora 65 75 ad ceramic
Carrot Amphora, 65-75 AD (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352204
ramm/devotional panel john baptist alabaster
Devotional panel of John the Baptist (alabaster)
#media dmcs-18352202
ramm/socketed axehead 1200 700 bc copper alloy
Socketed Axehead, 1200-700 BC (copper alloy)
#media dmcs-18352200
ramm/figurine pig c1069 664 bc faience
Figurine of a Pig, c.1069-664 BC (faience)
#media dmcs-18352198
ramm/drug jars ceramic
Drug Jars (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352196
ramm/shabti figure ptah meri faience
Shabti figure of Ptah-Meri (faience)
#media dmcs-18352194
ramm/west england insurance mark 1807 94 metal
West of England fire insurance mark, 1807-94 (metal)
#media dmcs-18352192
ramm/trader migrant cart belongings pulled white oxen
A trader or migrant on a cart with his belongings, being pulled by two white oxen
#media dmcs-18352190
ramm/indian noble riding horse attendant behind
An Indian noble riding a horse with an attendant behind, from Thanjavur, India (paint
#media dmcs-18352188
ramm/men working riverbank thanjavur india
Men working at the side of a riverbank, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352186


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