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ramm/silver pennies aethelred 978 1016 silver
Silver Pennies of Aethelred, 978-1016 (silver)
#media dmcs-18352184
ramm/palanquin bearers road alongside man carrying goods pole
A palanquin and bearers on the road alongside a man carrying goods on a pole,
#media dmcs-18352182
ramm/tiruchirapalli rock fort city state tamil nadu
Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort City in the state of Tamil Nadu, from Thanjavur, India
#media dmcs-18352180
ramm/coffin shep en mut 800 bc wood plaster
Coffin of Shep en-Mut, 800 BC (wood, plaster & pigment)
#media dmcs-18352178
ramm/linga goddess parvati sitting side thanjavur
A linga with the goddess Parvati sitting to its side, from Thanjavur, India (paint
#media dmcs-18352176
ramm/hunting people busy snakes thanjavur india
Hunting people busy with snakes, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352174
ramm/farmers field time harvesting thanjavur
Farmers in a field at a time of harvesting, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352172
ramm/nabobs palace thanjavur india paint mica
Nabob's Palace, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352170
ramm/north devon ware dish 1665 80 ceramic
North Devon ware dish, 1665-80 (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352168
ramm/school called gurunkul students wearing dhoti
A school called Gurunkul, with students wearing a dhoti, or loincloth, from Thanjavur
#media dmcs-18352166
ramm/raja malayam carriage pulled pairs elephants
The Raja of Malayam in his carriage being pulled by three pairs of elephants,
#media dmcs-18352164
ramm/cartonnage mask shep en mut 800 bc wood
Cartonnage mask of Shep en-Mut, 800 BC (wood, plaster & pigment)
#media dmcs-18352162
ramm/scenes acrobatics festival thanjavur india
Scenes of acrobatics during a festival, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352160
ramm/karttikeya centre encircled shatkona thanjavur
Karttikeya in the centre of an encircled Shatkona, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352158
ramm/possibly depiction bharab incarnation vishnu
Possibly a depiction of Bharab, the incarnation of Vishnu and the god of destruction
#media dmcs-18352156
ramm/depiction king ravana rakshasa demon left
A depiction of King Ravana with a Rakshasa or demon to his left and Sita to his right
#media dmcs-18352154
ramm/vishnu sheltered five headed shesha primal
Vishnu, sheltered by the five-headed Shesha, one of the primal beings of creation
#media dmcs-18352152
ramm/coffin shep en mut 800 bc wood plaster
Coffin of Shep en-Mut, 800 BC (wood, plaster & pigment)
#media dmcs-18352150
ramm/meenakshi goddess madura thanjavur india
Meenakshi, goddess of Madura, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352148
ramm/vishnu man lion lord narasimha thanjavur
Vishnu as the man-lion Lord Narasimha, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352146
ramm/figurine frog c1070 332 bc stone
Figurine of a Frog, c.1070-332 BC (stone)
#media dmcs-18352144
ramm/ganesha defeating evil demon thanjavur india
Ganesha defeating an evil demon, from Thanjavur, India (paint on mica)
#media dmcs-18352142
ramm/portrait william 3rd viscount courtenay
Portrait of William, 3rd Viscount Courtenay (w/c on ivory)
#media dmcs-18352140
ramm/fragment royal statue dynasties 18 20 stone
Fragment from a Royal Statue, Dynasties 18-20 (stone)
#media dmcs-18352138
ramm/llyn peris dolbadarn castle north wales
Llyn Peris and Dolbadarn Castle, North Wales (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352136
ramm/lake albano castel gandolfo oil canvas
Lake Albano and Castel Gandolfo (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352134
ramm/animal roof finial 1200 1500 ceramic
Animal Roof Finial, 1200-1500 (ceramic)
#media dmcs-18352132
ramm/diadumene c1883 oil canvas
Diadumene, c.1883 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352130
ramm/reclining nude oil canvas
Reclining Nude (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352128
ramm/au bords du bois 1921 engraving
Au Bords du Bois, 1921 (engraving)
#media dmcs-18352126
ramm/boy landscape 1948 oil canvas
Boy in a Landscape, 1948 (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352124
ramm/military exercise oil board
Military Exercise (oil on board)
#media dmcs-18352122
ramm/vermillions green purple red march 1965
Two Vermillions, Green and Purple in Red: March 1965
#media dmcs-18352120
ramm/trysting place w c paper
The Trysting Place (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352118
ramm/trio oil pencil board
Trio (oil & pencil on board)
#media dmcs-18352116
ramm/chairing member oil panel
Chairing the Member (oil on panel)
#media dmcs-18352114
ramm/self portrait holding mahlstick brush oil
Self Portrait holding a mahlstick and brush (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352112
ramm/portrait artist easel oil canvas
Portrait of the Artist at his Easel (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352110
ramm/mock election oil canvas
The Mock Election (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352108
ramm/clayhidon oil canvas
Clayhidon (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352106
ramm/paddling sea oil canvas
Paddling in the Sea (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352104
ramm/checkmated w c paper
Checkmated (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352102
ramm/panshanger park oil canvas
Panshanger Park (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352100
ramm/beer cove storm 1922 w c pencil paper
Beer Cove in a Storm, 1922 (w/c & pencil on paper)
#media dmcs-18352098
ramm/napoleon bonaparte 1769 1821 oil canvas
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352096
ramm/park bench oil canvas
The Park Bench (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352094
ramm/study dodo oil canvas
Study of a Dodo (oil on canvas)
#media dmcs-18352092
ramm/study girl bouquet flowers garden w c paper
Study of a girl with a bouquet of flowers in a garden (w/c on paper)
#media dmcs-18352090
ramm/spinnaker sail oil panel
The Spinnaker Sail (oil on panel)
#media dmcs-18352088


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